Gas versus Spirituality

15th day, 5:00 am
Woke up stressed - but I feel better. Last night I had the same difficulties with my stomach - the gases and the freezing feeling at my upper stomach. But I knew what it is and I had the Iberogast drops to helped me. Calm mind and drops supports enabled me to cope with it. I think I will do colonic irrigation today.
I dreamt about my friends. All of them going out together without inviting us - revenging me for not being available for a long time.
This fast is so difficult and demanding. My process is so intensive! not leaving a single issue untouched(physically, emotionally, mentally). The truth is that I barely roam in the spiritual realms. I think I should point my intentions in those last 4 days that are yet to fast - inward, towards the spiritual zone. That thought alone is so encouraging and lifting me up.

"Yes", said the Colon Hydro Therapist, "It might be Candida. Candida, if it doesn't get fed by sugar(as it used to be fed by a lot of sugar - daily) - gets very aggressive.
I have to remember to take probiotics at the end of the fast and also to stay away from sugar, yeast, dairy (Feta cheese of goat and natural yogurt are OK).
I am relieved. Exhausted but relieved. So many fears and tension during the treatment. Tension pops out in every little crisis, jerking upon a call like an old house elf ready for service

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