Healing Crisis num 2 - out of nowhere

Yesterday, after the enema I felt blotted. Full of water. During the day I had gas, sensation of dhiaria even took GrapeSeedExtract drops. After the evening soup it got worse and a serious of hick ups that made me feel like I am going to vomit. When I went to bed A freezing sensation silently gripped my upper belly. I panicked. I put a hot water bottle on the belly. It didn't help. I was restless and watched the nurse button nervously. In a certain moment I was so afraid, tears came to my eyes and I wanted to call home and ask them to come and take me home. An ancient fear from the freezing feeling that it might get upwards and ...can't imagine what, maybe a big disinfection in the belly. At last I pressed the nurse button. I was not happy to let another new nurse with a heavy German accent enter my room, my privacy, my life.
It was Gertrud again with her magic smile: I say "a sense of frost" and she says "gas".
Immediately she gives me something to drink - a herbal mixture for the gas. She says: "I will be back in 10 minutes and by then you will already be able to if you feel a relief and we could know if we found the problem".
I felt a relief.
She came back with fennel tea mixed with another homeopathic medicine. She massaged my belly with a special baby oil and put rescue drops under my tongue and my hand wrists. She prepared a liver pack for the night said that 2 private art therapy lessons will be very helpful and left.
I probably slept very well , like a baby with no dreams. She probably knows what she is doing - the liver pack didn't move an inch.
It is morning of day number 14 and I am so empowered and satisfied by this process. Feeling so strong and healthy after another healing crisis.
I might not do another enema? my body needs stillness and calm vibrations.
97.8 140/85

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