Who is this slender energetic lioness in the mirror?

Day number 12:
I wake up at 3:00 am in the middle of an upsetting argument. Oh, I know this toxins - they are from the previous month. I smile and accept it, so calmly, I just watch it like clouds above the lake and try to bid this issue farewell. It might not be so easy. It is sticky and negatively stimulating. I am still attracted to that drama, even if I counteract it's from the same source of energy. Just live my life to fullest, in the present and keep being proactive.

The pure truth is that I can do a half shoulder stand in Yoga: oops and my big butt is inverted facing the ceiling.OMG it is so effortless.
I am so delighted that I can cry of joy. No words can express how miserable I felt without the half shoulder stand in my life.
And who is this slender energetic lioness in the mirror?
The skin!!!
Skin complexion is changing - every passing day it becomes paler and cleaner. It is so rewarding.
I love life.
I love myself.
I love U.
So much energy! I've decided to switch on the computer and post it now.

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