Fall Equinox -The passing into the next phase

I wake up at 4:20 as an SM'S message entering my cellular (my friend from the Maldives is going to meet me in Zurich next week). I am so calm so quiet. it's dark outside but I can see the light from the other side of the lake.
I remember that in my country it is now 5:20 am. Fall Equinox begins now that means that today the day and the night are exactly the same length. We are passing with the Equinox to the next stage of season, of the year. I am climbing to the next level of my detox...
I wake up at 6:20 alarmed another upsetting dream- again I feel alone, deserted and with no friends. Only everybody else is celebrating having a nice BBQ party right near me and I am in my room, alone.

But I am fine. Blood pressure is normal and I go to swim and then meditate.
The juice is so sweet. The pure vibration of one single juice is intoxicating. (apple, orange, ananas, grapes, pears with raisins).
day number 11 is challenging - my tongue begins to clear at the edges and my empty stomach has something to say.
I live from juice to honey to soup. that's OK.

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