Trust the process it works. (Baby steps)

I really planned to go to the walking tour. The program seemed so attractive and the route for level C looked so simple, only 4km. So I dressed up and arrived to the lobby at 14:17 and to my great disappointment today they've already left at 14:00.
"You should have checked the program for changes" said the receptionist. Oops.
I accept. Maybe that's the way I should treat my healing process - gently - make only simple safe baby steps. Trust the process cause it works.
I am hungry. I don't feel like going to the gym anymore. I am upset because tomorrow is Sunday and after that I still have a whole fasting week ahead of me.
I still didn't take a day off exercise so I think today is the day for resting.
Yesterday I swam for 21/2 hours, no gym. Today I will settle with the morning swim and yoga in my room.
What should I do? just do it! OK.
I will rest, do  yoga and write.
After that I will calmly go to eat my soup and tonight there is an excellent movie: Peaceful warrior with Nick Nolte.
I am fine.

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