Taking out blood to calm the blood pressure

Monday morning begun with the phone alarm at 6:50 am. I went to the nurse and complained that my high blood pressure exhausts me (as well as the countless times we check it). This alone can drive a sane person crazy and I am not so balanced right now. Oh, complaining made it rise to 170/100 and I asked that the doctor will see me today. I had a tsunami passing through my existence and mind during the weekend and I wanted her to take care of me. OK. A meeting was set and also I passed through the therapy planning office and changed the concept of my treatments to massage and pleasure only. This change alone cheered me up so well and then I headed to the pool. A Delicious relaxing swim.(blood pressure went down to 150/80. Which is OK.
I met the doctor and she gave me total support for calming down: For the blood pressure Nifedipin drops, for the stress Calmavalera, Lasea(lavender) for relaxation and also she took out 200 ml of blood out of my right arm's vein, in the medical center. I felt great.
Juice, liver pack, rest and meditation.
Now I am resting in my room and still don't hear the sound of silence. My back start to send messages, my left arm is getting numb sometimes and I still feel dizzy and that my head is very heavy.
That's how Day number 7 looks like with advantages and disadvantages. I lost 4.5kg! That's alone worth everything.
So many days I have been waiting for this journey, for this passage. I am crossing through the dire straits now.

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