Emotional flow - the tide waves are getting higher- missing my DAD

Tuesday 2:00am 20/9/2011 Bad dream
My husband didn't take the new anti Biological war musk for my first born child. There is some young children parade in the street and they all wear blue. Behind them arrives another group of children wearing blue but armed with spears they sound extremely violent and suddenly they are attacking they first group. All the men of my family swarm the street and go to defend the younger children and I panic and start to shout to them take care guard each other and hysterically trying to keep an eye contact with each one of them. Of course it is impossible and I wake up…
The previous dream was on the beach, all the family and with the sunset we are climbing above the cliff to get back to the car. There are many steps and everybody is a head of me except my youngest daughter. She is elongating on the first step watching the tide waves coming and kissing her legs. Watching the tide swelling on and  on towards us. Again I fright and call to her please come. She is (surprisingly) abiding me and starting to climb the stairs – I relax.. and then the violent demonstration –
I did skip the night medicine because I felt so good so now I take it 30 drops of calmvalera and 6 drops of Nifedipin.
I wake up again – this time I hear my heart bits. I feel weak. "You are going to sleep too early" I tell myself. Thank you doctor for giving me all this drops.
I have light in my room, I have a red button, I have drops, I relax easily. Maybe today when I go deeper into the fast, day number 8, I should replace my reading material.
7:00 am.
I had a long and strange dream about my father, who died 13 years ago. I dreamt that he is in LA on a buisness venture and doesn't return home and doesn't call. Our house is in the middle of renovation and I am so angry. One day I tell my mother that I want to speak with him. She gives me his buisness card with the only information she know about where he is. The buiseness card is transparent and you can hardly read the numbers. I wake up and realized that he is gone for more then 13 years.

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