Siddharta by Hermann Hesse magic and fasting

17th day 7:30 am
Awake since early morning another one of those nights which I don't sleep well, disturbed by gas and fears.
I pressed again the button calling for the nurse but then I realized I am fine, just a bad dream and I told her on the phone that I am OK.
The process is working! just trust it.
Today I meet the nutritionist twice. First time for a general lecture: how to break the fast and the second meeting is a private consultation.

I am swaying between joy of the nearing end of the fast, fears of how my body will except the new vibrations of food and impatience, wanna be there...
A good loving and supporting message from home really makes my day.
I am so blessed.

and in the lecture the nutritionist had a quote from Siddharta by Hemann Hesse. I used to like this book so much. Used to think of it as a master who guides me. I remember my youth now, my younger self. I can connect in body and soul to my youngest, ageless self. I am the girl that read Siddharta when she was 17.
Fasting makes you feel younger, resetting your program, elevates your soul. Emphasises a better connection to the body, like all part are attached to me now and I am in perfect bliss.
Hemann Hesse, Siddharta:
         " Everyone can perform magic,
            Everyone can reach his goal
                         if she can think,  if she can wait, if she can fast."

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