Second Step - Fasten your seat belts, it's flying time

The Second step means letting go and jumping of the cliff. Do I have wings to fly? Yet to be seen. Fear, despair and stress characterize this phase, when you begin moving in the direction of your decision but only out of faith. Only because you believe you can fly...
I came home after midnight to finish packing, finding out that my suitcase weighs 26 kilos and I have to leave my Harry Potter books behind (that means no escape to fantasy land). Oh Gosh! Where is my passport?! and then I found the passport and also figured out that I have only 500 Euros in one bill and no Swiss Francs even though I will be landing in Zurich in mid afternoon of a lazy Sunday. Everybody knows that nothing really happens on Sundays in Zurich.
So I flew to Zurich and arrived to the airport. I went to buy a train ticket to Uberlingen Germany. Oh said the cashier: Do you want your change in Swiss Francs? no I said and paid with a Visa card. Boarding on the train without a single Euro. Wait a minute! I didn't plan on starting to fast on the train. On the contrary! so many different culinary scenarios where on my mind..
The train stopped in Schaffhuasen and what?
Lazy Sunday afternoon - nobody knows where to or how should I continue.
I had to argue with the police officer and show him that I have a paid ticket to persuade him to search for my next train.
Finally we found the queue - it was number 8 in the far end of the train station (not 9 and 3/4) and of course no elevator to mount the heavy suitcase but my own hands. (I am sure that there is an elevator but I couldn't find it!)
The next train was red, slow and very attractive. A train that goes around one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe. So many people were having fun by the lake: picnicking, swimming, sailing, riding bicycles and enjoying the excellent weather.
I came from a different reality. Taking with me my Israeli daily stress and my personal burden. I watched and could not relate, embrace or feel better. I was hallucinating miserably of my last meal.
Well it didn't happen because when I embarked the train a taxi driver took me immediately to the clinic.
That's it. I am here. At 6.30 pm I received my dinner: a wonderful salad with lettuce,tomato and mushrooms in a nice vinegar sauce followed by a mushed sweet potato, broccoli and cauliflower puree. and coffee God bless the surprise: coffee with milk and brown sugar. Comfortable soft and cocooning landing into the Fasting reality. Tomorrow will be a preparation day - only organic potatoes + steamed vegetables and..coffee, Medical checkups and meeting with my doctor.
The day after will be day number 1 of the fast.

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