Fasting begins - day number 1

I sit at the Park Villa lounge. In front of me I can see the lake through the extremely polished window; Smooth and shining in its blue silky water. The forests, blessed with rainfall kiss the lake. Narrow strips of sand and rocks separate between the waterline and the trees.
It is early morning so only one boat sways gently in the middle of the lake. The tree tops are getting a bit yellowish promising of what is going to come.
The autumn with all it's colors is in the doorway and I can't wait. The season's changing. Fall Equinox is coming and I am ready in body, mind and soul for the change, to reset, rejuvenate, rebirth.
It is good that Avi from the guest relationships pulled me out of my room to hear the lecture...
I woke up with a headache. Yesterday they spread Japanic Mint Oil on my head(all aound the hair line) and gave me an ice pack for my headache and today the nurse gave me black tea (as a reminder of the caffeine to the body) and also said to take the Bicarbonate buffer that will help the body get rid of the acidity from the cleansing process that had already begun.
I forgot, until now, that this is the first night that I slept all night through. I didn't wake up with high pulse, sweat and fear that I am nearly dying or being so sick and can't breave. Underneath the window I can see the roof tops of some wonderful summer houses, large saloons with sunny verandas, birds singing happily and everything is flowering. Trees are loaded with red and green apples. It is a good land. A good place to heal.
I came back to my room and received Glauber salt in lurk warm water to drink (3 glasses) and a glass of nice lemon cherry sweet syrup to make it easier to swallow. This should make me run to the toilet and clean my bowls. One hour later the nurse came again with mint tea that should inspire my intestine to work even harder. I am dizzy and afraid. This is the most difficult part of the detox when you start the process and the detox is intensive - the body is yet very toxic. You might get symptoms of diseases that were in your past, are now in your present and might have been in the future. They all just washing out of your body and the healing process of the fast cures the symptoms and the roots of the diseases but today, day number 1 you begin to feel the symptoms... so suddenly my left arm is burning and I just can feel a heart attack approaching. I lie down and try to figure out what I feel: no pressure on the chest and alas the left arm is relaxing and I can read Harry Potter number 6 (this is the only book that was forgotten in my suitcase) and enjoy stories about wizards in London.
I still feel bloated, heavy and sometimes like ants crawling in my hands.
How I wish I would have the courage to book a massage. It all looks so expensive!! I fantasize about the hairdresser I want to paint and make high lights. Maybe I could be a Blondie when I finish the fast.
Out of the dizziness and the headache - I can begin to feel and hear the stillness of the mind. Getting nearer. Healing the heart.

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