OMG I lost 1.5 kg

Day number 2 of the fast begun early at 6:45 am. I was so tired and hardly drag myself to the nurses room to weight myself and measure the blood pressure. This routine opens every morning of the fast. I found myself completely awaken, alive and smiling when I discovered that I have lost 1.5 kg. Great news! So finally it turns out that even I can loose weight. Would you believe it? So many failures and disappointments that slowly destroyed my will power and my faith in myself.
So I put myself under the guidance of the clinic, let the nurses cocoon and direct me. I drink the juice at the morning and the soup at the evening (hear my stomach complains and bags for food) but just do what they say. Ah and at 2 pm an apple tea with honey. Such a treat!
Today, for the first time I went to the swimming pool (30C) whilst it was raining and did the work - I swam across the pool 40 times. At 11:00 am we had a coral singing workshop. I sang Mozart with Collin Serraux a famous French artist and Movies director. At 17:00 I went to the art gallery and participated in an art workshop.
Crawling back to my room at 7.00 pm.
The painting from the art workshop is now hanging on my wall: blooming flowers float over the lake. The lake has blue and greenish colors of a cloudy-sunny-rainy day of the autumn. The artist from the art workshop said that this colorful painting will inspire my fasting. The painting will guide me to sail above the waves of hunger, bad mood and pain in my left heap. Yes, this afternoon it was disturbing. I just want my normal health back. So much.

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