Cucumber Soup

There are 2 choices the regular vegetables soup and cucumber soup. I knew I prefer the vegetables soup. Who eats cucumber soup? maybe in summer time with Greek yogurt?! Oh I don't want to think about that.. But I couldn't resist myself. After the waitress poured the vegetables soup bowl for me I said (reluctantly) "could I try the cucumber soup?" so she gave me half a glass of cucumber soup in addition to the vegetables soup bowl. I didn't like the cucumber soup but I ate it to the last drop. Tonight I am full.

I woke up today at 6:50 to a gloomy foggy lake. I went to swim at 9:00 am. Only beached whales were swimming in the pool. Sometimes I call myself a beached whale out of love as if I know that I come from another galaxy Atlantis. So when I see the pool with 3-4 overweight persons I smile to myself and think about my friends from the underwater world. The yoga lesson was almost spiritual although I was in contact with my body like I haven't been since many years.
The morning juice is heavenly like nectar of the gods: pear with raisins. So accurate in taste. Divine.
at 12:00 noon we already enjoy the sunshine and it's rays are worming.
Stillness, silence and tranquility finally came to my being. The view from my room is unbelievable. The lake at a distance and a small green garden right underneath.
This is a stable place upon the earth where one can believe in good and in God.
OM Shanty.

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