Ice Station Zebra - The dream

In the arctic on an isolated ice station. Somebody is organizing a fashion show and I have to participate. I have to try the clothes for the show. It is strange but they want me to wear a mini skirt - black with tiny white dotes.and also black stockings and high heels. They say the mini skirt looks nice on me and I should do the fashion show with it. I wonder because I know I have fat legs. In another part of the station giant waves of freezing water are burg in in. freezing cold, violent, transparent. Many people are in the hall - it is like a busy airport in emergency situation. But I don't get wet from the water...
Somehow the water do not penetrate the hall. I am worried sick because my ski suit is in the other side of the station. I feel exposed and fear. pause
The water disappear and now it is ice, freezing from very low under zero temperatures, sometime the ice is painful and black from dirt. I slide a bathroom door and 2 wolves are coming out of the bathroom. The wolves are very skinny, weightless and move like they are made of paper. one of the wolves gets out of the hall and the other one sits in the middle in front of all the crowd. The wolf is not afraid of anybody.
I know the wolves are dangerous. I want to reach my ski suit but I know I cannot go out to the ice because many wolves, hungry, dangerous dwell there.
Someone gives me and idea to reach the other side via the air condition tunnels.
It is possible - maybe in that way I could fetch my ski suit and feel safe.

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