First Day of the Enema

I wake up with a bloated stomach. Feeling a bit stressed. Today is the first day of the enema and as far as I remember I am not the best with holding the water in my body and all the procedure is rather complicated for me to handle.
I go and weigh myself and enjoy another weight loss. Blood pressure is still a little high and I know perfectly well that I am not calm yet. Some issues with my room are not settled. I complained that it is too noisy and all the negotiations with the clinic management are tiring.
The nurse comes and do the enema for me and in 2-3 minutes it is over!?
I am so surprised  - an experience of many years of difficulties is vanished in a second. So this is how it is done. Always try to keep life simple.
Then a wonderful Fennel, Annis and Cinnamon tea for the gas in the stomach and a new day is born.
Simple living.
The 11:30 O'clock juice is delicious: pear and apple and I just want to die of pleasure.
A good swim and I am totally at peace of mind.
Sitting on the Veranda watching the lake at sunset. The lake is peaceful. Serenity engulfs the old wooden houses. The church clock is on time although It is very old.
Swimming relaxes my muscles and soften the hunger moments.
I picked a small edelweiss flower. so beautiful.

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